This listing is for one (1) Rose Quartz Pyramid, measuring approximately 1.5″ tall x 2″ wide. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Add to your altar, crystal grid or place in your sacred space when you need to attract loving, supportive people into your orbit. Whether you’re looking for a new romantic partner or just a tribe of compassionate and like-minded folk, Rose Quartz dips you in a delicious bath of love vibes so you are intoxicating and attractive to your intended recipient!

Gift one to a friend who may need this reminder that they are worthy and deserving of love in all of its forms. They can work with this crystal ally to shine a light on the ways the universe is bringing that into their life, as long as they keep an open heart and mind to the possibilities.

Rose Quartz is a heart chakra healer, which adds a special layer of love, compassion and forgiveness to your sacred work. Also a great tool to unlock the healing you deserve in your heart chakra.