This listing is for one (1) Agate Cat Head, blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

The cat is the perfect totem if you want to dive deep into the magic and mystery of the universe and tap into newfound freedom.

No one controls a cat’s emotions. They decide who to allow into their realm and they come and go as they please. Ultimately, they choose their familiar and weave their spell over our world through creative magic.

If you are drawn to the magic of cat medicine, then your soul may be seeking balance between dualities of light and dark or the masculine and the feminine. The cat spirit animal represents the ability to see in the dark, to explore what may be hidden and know when the right time to act vs when to be patient and wait for Divine timing. It is a symbol of independence, curiosity, protection and strength, and of flexibility and agility.

Combined with agate, you can incorporate the carved cat head into your sacred practice to release negativity, ground, step into your power of independence and create more stability as you take new chances now that you have the spirit of the cat watching your back.