This listing is for one (1) White Selenite Tumbled Stone, measuring at least 1 inch in size. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Selenite was named after the goddess of the moon Selene, opening you up to moon magic, enhanced intuition and divine wisdom. Grab yourself some White Selenite to clear out lower vibrational thoughts so you are mentally clear and connected to the ancient wisdom stored within your cells.

Selenite reminds you that you are protected, aligned and your crown chakra is open to the guidance of your ascended masters, angels and spirit allies. Use it to detach from drama so you can recalibrate and get back to your emotional center.

Bonus: When you place other healing stones or oracle decks atop or next to the Selenite, it will help cleanse, purify and clear their energy. Place Selenite on a windowsill or doorframe to keep your sacred space protected and free from negative vibes.