Starting at the root chakra, we experience survival where up at our crown chakra we experience understanding. The root chakra governs the way we interact with the physical world. It’s all about physical activity, survival, ego and our tangible sense of self.

By digging into our roots we create success. The Success Root Chakra Magic candle is a vibrant red. A grounding blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli and a touch of Grapefruit to open and clear the root chakra. When you say, “omg, nothing works”, it’s time for a root chakra shift and reconnect with your place in the world. Be present and vital with a balance root chakra.

Chakra Magic candles are 2″ dia. x 4.5″ tall with a 40 hour burn time. Your candle will come moon blessed and charged with Reiki energy before being shipped to your forever home.