Create a shield of energetic protection around your space with the help of your crystal allies. Banish away from you what is no longer comfortable or needed.

Your Protection Crystal Grid Kit includes:
1 – Labradorite
6 – Black Tourmaline
6 – Smoky Quartz
1 – Organza Bag to keep your crystals in when not in use.
1 – 4″x6″ Protection crystal grid info card with affirmation and meanings of each crystal.
1 – 8″ x 10″ Seed of Life Rainbow moon phases grid card (to place your crystals on. Perfect for traveling or your altar table!)

Please note: The stone sizes, colors and shapes can vary slightly, since gemstones are created naturally, and each one is unique. This is an example of what you will receive, so please expect slight variations. All items come smudged with Sage and blessed with moon, love and Reiki vibes before being shipped to you.