This listing is for one (1) Moss Agate Turtle, measuring approximately 4.5″ x 3.3″ in size. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Turtles symbolize persistence, endurance and longevity. Whenever you feel like giving up or throwing in the towel, tap into the wisdom of the turtle to keep you moving at your own pace and honoring your truth along the way.

He will get you to your intended destination by helping you see what you need to release to make your journey easier.

Moss Agate is crystal healing medicine at its best. Hold to support you in emotional healing and to anchor in your security and abundance.

A stone of new beginnings, Moss Agate is ideal to work with during any waxing moon to attract wealth by grounding you in earth energy for strength and confidence.

A powerful talisman to release fear and stress, and help you move into a stable and secure new chapter.