Love Smudge is a beautiful sage bundle of love and light. Connected to the heart chakra, the attached Rose Quartz crystal opens your heart to receiving an abundance of love in all forms, attracting romance and snuggling you into the sweet vibes of self love. Sage has powerful healing properties. Smudging is an ancient ritual that removes negative energy from yourself, your sacred space or home.

How to use: Meditate, light the sage, blow out the flame, let white smoke purify your sacred space. Go from corner to corner in the clock wise direction with love and light affirmations, cleansing away bad vibes and opening the way for love vibrations to flood your life. Open windows to release smoke, then distinguish Smudge. Let dry out. Hold the Rose Quartz in your hand and affirm that you are open to receiving love in all forms, bringing in healing, love and light. Keep on your altar table or add it to your crystal grid to anchor the love magic into your rituals.

All hand wrapped in a ritual ceremony, blessed and infused with love and light energy. All crystals are cleansed and charged with Reiki and full moon energy.

Approximately 4 inches, color may vary as these are natural herbs and flowers.