Often depicted as a triple headed woman of glorious beauty Hekate embodies all stages of womanhood; maiden, mother, and crone. Hekate is the Queen of the Crossroads, Witches, Ghosts, keeper of the newborn, the guide for the dead, and has the power to grant mortals anything they wish. Yes, she is a badass. Her resume also includes guardianship over entranceways, dogs, light, magic, protection of all things newborn, herbs and plants, necromancy, and sorcery. Not to mention ruling over the earth, sea, and sky.

Seek her out at three way crossroads, places between here and there for assistance in moving from one stage of being into another. Set up shrines to Hekate at three way crossroads allowing her to look down your paths; past, present, and future. Light candles and leave offerings of food on the new moon to protect yourself from evil while transitioning from one stage to the next or appeal to her to protect your household, bring prosperity and daily blessings to your family.

As a guide between the two worlds the Hekate World Magic candle leads us in the direction we need to go. Light the candle, use the blessing attached to whisper your prayers into the candle flame and approach her for guidance, strength, and will; she is a powerful ally. This Reiki charged pillar candle is hand poured with a magical blend of Honeysuckle. This is a wonderful candle that can be used for protection from negativity and clarification of an issue. Measures 2.5 x 6.5 inches and burns for 80 hours.