This listing is for one (1) Carnelian Palm Stone measuring approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Need a spark of passion, motivation and energy in your life? Look no further than Carnelian for your crystal medicine.

Work with Carnelian to fire up your sacral chakra and give your creativity, energy levels and inspiration a much needed boost. Say goodbye to writer’s block, hasta la vista to apathy, and au revoir to joy killers and to the situations that drain your drive and enthusiasm for dream making.

Reconnect with your inner risk taker. Be bold. Be adventurous. Say yes to the ideas that rise out of the pool of possibilities. Feel inspired and know that you are worthy of every dream you desire.

When endurance, self confidence and strength are needed, Carnelian won’t let you down. Call upon your creative muse in Carnelian whenever you need a reminder of your artistic potential for awesome sauce.