This listing is for one (1) Atlantisite Palm Stone, measuring approximately 2-2.1″ in size (approximately). Weight: 7.1 oz. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Origin: Musina, South Africa.

Atlantisite is a rare stone combination of Stichtite (the rich purple color) and Serpentine (the gorgeous green inclusions throughout).

Atlantisite combines the energies of Serpentine and Stichtite for activating kundalini energy, transformation, protection, emotional healing and empathic boundaries. Use for emotional balance in the way that you give and receive love to yourself and to others, so you don’t operate from an empty cup.

It will act as a guardian stone of your heart so others don’t abuse your kindness and good intentions, and to keep you anchored in peace and balance. Also work with Atlantisite to recall events and memories from past lives.

This is a must have stone ally for any empath or intuitive needing to protect their energy and have healthy boundaries when working or interacting with others.