This listing is for one 4 oz bag of Amethyst Gemstone Chips. Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Known as a crystal of intuition, dream magic, protection and healing, Amethyst will elevate your meditation work to a whole new level when it comes to psychic insight and wisdom. Work with Amethyst to bring more balance, peace and clarity to your life.

Amethyst opens up your third eye and crown chakras for intuitive downloads and direct connection to the Divine. It detoxifies and purifies your energy field, so any stuck or negative energy in the spiritual, physical and emotional body can be released.

When you need additional support, this crystal ally floods your space with serenity, protection from psychic attacks and healing.

It also promotes deeper dream time messages, helping you understand the guidance your Angels are bringing to your waking life. Place these chips in a bowl by your dream journal to set the intention that whatever you need deeper clarity and insight on will be revealed as you begin your day.

Sprinkle a layer of Amethyst chips on top of your candles to amplify their magical intent or add to your crystal grids in your sacred space to infuse your rituals with crystal medicine.