This listing is for one (1) Amazonite Ring, set in sterling silver. Adjustable to fit a 6-10 ring size (approximately). Blessed with Reiki and moonlight.

Wear as sacred adornment to call upon Archangels Haniel and Gabriel to connect you with your truth, see the truth in situations and create a spiritual team to help you live your authenticity. Work with Amazonite to teach you how to open your throat chakra and bask in the power of clear communication. It also soothes and creates emotional balance.

The crystal anti-dote for anxiety and stress, Amazonite cleanses away any stuck emotions buried in the heart chakra! Wear to surround yourself in soft, soothing, comforting vibes. Stand in your truth, speak your words with confidence and strength with this stone ally by your side. No one can silence your voice or bully you into submission when you tap into on the power of creative expression with Amazonite.