The Air aromatherapy wand pendant is designed to hold a few drops of your favorite essential or aromatherapy oil. Comes strung on black silk cord with an information card.  Size approx. 1.75″ long.

Air represents our mental activity such as intellect and the ability to reason, memory, thoughts, knowledge and comprehension. It also rules new beginnings, friendship, clarity, and positive expression.

The Air personality is very good at making decisions and carrying them through.
Chakra: 4th, 7th
Direction: East
Made with Aventurine & Lepidolite

Aventurine connects to our heart, helps heal the heart by releasing emotional stress, creates a stabilizing effect, increases intuition and perception, aids in decision-making. Aventurine brings comfort and soothing energy to help dissolve unhealthy thoughts, feelings and physical problems. Lepidolite, emotional/mental balancer, bringing joy and light, soothes transition and promotes honesty.

Your aromatherapy wand pendant comes cleansed by white sage, moon blessed and showered in Reiki light before making its way to your forever home.