The love ritual is an aromatic herbal incense blend crafted with the finest herbs and high quality essential oils to attract more love into your life via self love, romantic love, bring in your soulmate or just open your heart to all love. The Love Ritual Herbal Incense has a blend of sage for cleansing, rose for love and happiness, jasmine for love and lustful desire, and lavender all infused with essential oils. Prepared in a ritual ceremony infused with rose quartz, you can place this magickal herbal incense blend in a ritual bath, use it to dress your candles or burn it in meditation or spell work to clear space and attract the love, desire and cleansing you seek into your home + relationships.

Comes charged with Reiki healing light in a resealable 8 oz glass jar, with screw lid for easy storage and access.

(net wt 1.5 oz)