Are you plagued with haints? Those pesky spirits whose sole purpose for existence seems to be causing mischief, mayhem and aggravation? Or maybe just feel the need to protect your home against haints moving in and taking up residence? Then Haint Happenin’ is definitely the product for you! Designed to both repel and eradicate nasty spirits from your home, this product acts as an invisible bubble of sorts around your property. So don’t go to the trouble and expense of painting the ceiling of your front porch blue. Just use Haint Happenin’, instead. It’s much more effective, and not nearly as time-consuming! Haint Happenin’ Candle busts ghosts for good.

Haint Happenin Wicked Witch Halloween limited edition is a light blue candle. Its scent is a blend of juniper and jasmine. Measures 4×2″ in size and burns for approximately 40 hours.