The Good Luck Medicine Pouch is made with Nephrite Jade, Black Obsidian, and Green Aventurine.

The combination of stones brings the carrier luck in all they desire. Additionally, place these stones in your sacred spaces to energize your life with prosperity, health, love and protection.

Nephrite Jade is the stone of all good things throughout the centuries in many cultures. It has been used to bring longevity, health and strong relationships.

Black Obsidian is used for protection, happiness and strength.

Aventurine has been known as “Lady Luck”, it brings good luck to the wearer. It is an all around healer stone used for many health issues. Aventurine is a power stone which aids the heart in healing and assisting in finding new love.

Crystal Mojo Bags (also known as Medicine Pouches) contain stones and crystals that correspond with the theme chosen. They make a great gift for someone that would like the properties and powers of the stones without wearing jewelry. Great for your pocket or purse. Comes with an organza pouch and information detail card.