New! Gemstone chips by the 1/4 lb bag. Work with them in a grid, add them to mojo bags, sprinkle them on your candles on your altar to add a layer of crystal magic to your rituals. Each bag of gemstone chips comes cleansed, moon blessed and showered in Reiki healing vibes before being shipped to you.

Choose from:
Amethyst enhances dream magic, peace, intuitive power and psychic protection
Black Tourmaline showers you in protection, strength and helps to deflect negativity
Bloodstone is great for grounding, root chakra balancing, healing the physical body and transforming emotional wounds into power and strength
Carnelian fosters creativity, fertility and energy boost
Clear Quartz is an amplifier of any intention, master crystal healer
Fluorite surrounds you in mental clarity, protection, enhanced intuition
Green Aventurine attracts prosperity and abundance
Iolite clears thought forms, opening intuition
Kunzite attracts blessings, prosperity and good luck in one’s life
Larimar carries the healing wisdom of Atlantis and the open communication of the earth’s sky. Use for calming and soothing
Peach Moonstone brings in emotional balance
Peridot allows you to bask in the sun’s rays and soak in the abundance, prosperity, good fortune, healing + wellness, protection and love you know is your natural birth right
Rainbow Moonstone awakens Divine feminine energy and gets you in a natural rhythm to the moon phases
Rainbow Tourmaline balances the chakras and floods your being in protection
Rhodonite An emotionally supportive stone, Rhodonite encourages self worth and self love, attracts romance, diffuses tension in relationships, and uplifts your spirit to create balance emotionally, physically and mentally. Rhodonite surrounds you in crystal hugs during grief, heartache and sorrow, so you can find recovery, forgiveness, love and acceptance.
Moss Agate grounds and connects you to Mama Earth
Rose Quartz helps surrounds you in love, support and cooperation
Super 7 is a powerhouse stone, made up of 7 different mineral inclusions (clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, rutile, cacoxenite, goethite and lepidocrocite) that create an amazing healing frequency