What wonders await when you unlock the door to your true self? Magic is not from an external source, but from deep within. This candle was designed to help you find that inner wisdom. Lighting this candle and visualizing your goal is a commitment to your success. Comes with a blessed skeleton key to unlock your magic.

When standing at the threshold between a previous way of thinking, state of being or making big changes the crossroads is the place to be. We here at Yatzuri feel that the most powerful personal magic is when you are at the crossroads. Tap into your own deeper magic with the Crossroads candle.

A versatile location, the crossroads is a space to call on guardians, confuse ghosts, work powerful mojo, banish, or draw in desires. It is where deals are hashed out, intentions stated, decisions are made, and offerings are left.

This Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroad candle was made with a mystical fragrance of frankincense and cypress under the watchful energy of Elegba and was crafted to appeal to many guardians. Hecate, Legba, Elegua, and Elegba all reside at the Crossroads along with many others honored in the creation process. Symbols that connect cultures and the crossroads are the colors red, black and white, dogs and skeleton keys which were all included in the process. The Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle is as versatile as the crossroads itself. Stand at the crossroads of your life, light this candle and use the candle blessing attached to help you make the right decision and choose the correct path during any time of transition.

This midnight black 1.5″ x 7″ pillar candle comes Reiki charged with a 40 hour burn time.