This listing is for one (1) Altar Gemstone Chip Bottle, blessed with Reiki and moonlight. Measures approximately 2 inches tall.

Sprinkle a layer on top of your candles to amplify their magical intent, add to your crystal grids, offering bowls or keep a bottle in your sacred space to infuse your rituals with crystal medicine.

Choose from:

Amber is a stone of manifestation, good luck + health, and clears out negativity
Amethyst enhances dream magic, peace, intuitive power and psychic protection
Clear Quartz is an amplifier of any intention, master crystal healer
Green Aventurine attracts prosperity and abundance
Larimar carries the healing wisdom of Atlantis and the open communication of the earth’s sky. Use for calming and soothing
Pyrite brings protection, structure and prosperity to your rituals
Rose Quartz helps surrounds you in love, support and cooperation
Turquoise supports protection, dispels negativity, and promotes healing and spiritual attunement